Trumansburg Color Guard

Spinning Since 1981


What began as an addition to the band’s existing program for local pageants, the Trumansburg Color Guard took off on it’s own rites and has continued for over 25 years. Along the way, we have been in nearly every competitive classification, explored many varieties of music and worn every imaginable costume (the good, the bad and certainly the ugly). This little town has produced amazing talents, some of which have gone on to teach some amazing guards.

Whether you’re Alumni, a prospective member or just a fan; we thank you for taking the time to check out our site. Be sure to check out our upcoming events, fundraising, and competitions.

The guard program is sponsored, in part, by the Trumansburg Central School District with increasing reliance and support on the Color Guard Boosters, our parent organization. If not for them, neither guard would be here today. We thank you for your continued efforts and support to raise the necessary funds to sustain our program; and we thank our families, friends and community members and businesses who have generously donated money and/or purchased items through our fundraising.

Senior Guard

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